At GREENROCK®️ Advisory, our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity is unwavering. Our focus is solely on the realm of property investment, ensuring our clients receive expert advice in this specialized field.

Our Scope: Property Investment Advisory:
GREENROCK®️ Advisory is a dedicated property investment advisory firm. We take pride in our deep understanding of the real estate landscape, and our purpose is to guide you through the complexities of property investment.

No Financial Planning Services:
We do not provide financial planning services. If you require financial advice or planning, GREENROCK®️ Advisory has an established network of qualified and licensed financial planners to whom we can refer you.

No Finance or Credit Solutions:
We do not offer finance or credit solutions. However, recognising the importance of these services to our clients, we have cultivated partnerships with trusted finance professionals. Should you need assistance in these areas, we can readily refer you to them.

Transparency and Trust:
Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry (Hayne Royal Commission)
Recent events, such as the findings from the Hayne Royal Commission, have underscored the necessity of obtaining sound and ethical advice in financial matters. The ramifications of misleading guidance can be severe, both financially and emotionally. It's critical to partner with professionals who have both the expertise and the ethical standards to lead you in the right direction. At GREENROCK®️Advisory, while we don't offer financial advice, we believe in the importance of good advice. This principle guides our approach in all our endeavours.

Licensing and Accreditation:
Trust is fundamental in our industry. We encourage you to review our licensing and accreditation, as well as the credentials of our referral partners. Transparency is vital, and we ensure that our partners adhere to the same high standards we uphold.

Integrated Tax Solutions:While GREENROCK®️ Advisory doesn't provide financial advice, we understand the financial intricacies related to property investment. To that end, we operate our own accounting company to discuss tax solutions pertinent to property investments. Our integrated approach ensures that our clients have a holistic view of their investments, from acquisition to tax implications.

In Conclusion: At GREENROCK®️ Advisory, we are specialists in property investment. We collaborate closely with our trusted partners to ensure that our clients receive comprehensive advice and services, always with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. Your trust is paramount, and we work tirelessly to earn and maintain it.

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