Since our establishment in 2016, GREENROCK®️ Advisory has remained committed to pursuing excellence in the realm of property investment. This unwavering dedication has allowed us to build a diverse nationwide network of professionals, fostering the exchange of cutting-edge practices and keeping us up-to-date with the latest advancements. As a result, we are able to provide unparalleled service to all of our clients, regardless of their geographical location.

We take great pride in assisting over 1500 investors in achieving their financial and investment goals by offering personalized and sophisticated solutions. Our focus is on supporting families in establishing and managing their wealth, while also optimizing it to its fullest potential. We understand that each family is unique, and we recognize the importance of tailoring our wealth services to meet your specific needs.

By embracing a holistic perspective and understanding your short and long-term objectives, we develop customized solutions that align with your individual circumstances. Through this personalized approach, we aim to create a collaborative partnership that promotes inclusivity and ensures that all clients feel valued and understood.

Many families today struggle with financial insecurity, making it difficult to save for important things like retirement, buying a car, or going on vacation. On top of that it's challenging to keep up with bills, afford food, and pay for healthcare.


GREENROCK®️ Advisory has been dedicated to achieving excellence in providing financial solutions and wealth creation advisory services since 2016. This commitment has led us to establish a wide-reaching network of experts nationwide, allowing us to share cutting-edge practices, stay updated on the latest advancements, and offer best in class advisory services to our clients, no matter where they are located.

Over the years, GREENROCK®️ Advisory has assisted more than 1500 investors by providing personalised and sophisticated financial and investment solutions. Our goal is to help families effectively manage, operate, and optimize their wealth. We understand that each family has its own distinct circumstances, which is why our wealth services are tailored to address your specific needs.

We firmly believe that by comprehensively understanding your overall objectives, both short-term and long-term, our custom made solutions will empower you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Across Australia, we have a team of industry professionals who are dedicated to delivering customised solutions that align with your requirements.










At GREENROCK™ Advisory, our unwavering dedication lies in fostering enduring connections with our valued clients and our extensive network of experts. We firmly believe that this forms the cornerstone of both our triumphs and the achievements of those we serve. Whether your aspirations involve property investments, wealth expansion, or simply discovering new possibilities, rest assured that we stand by your side, providing unwavering support throughout your entire journey.

Michael Mancuso

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Michael co-founded GREENROCK™ Advisory in 2016 and maintains the same dedicated focus for the company’s advancement today. While real estate investment is his ultimate passion, Michael holds various financial qualifications, making him well-versed in an array of financial assets. This list includes Alternative Investments through Harvard Business School, a Graduating Member of the Company Directors Course through the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Financial Planning Diploma.


Sam Adams

Managing Director & Co Founder

Sam co-founded GREENROCK®️ Advisory in 2016 and has been providing our GREENROCK®️team with passionate leadership and our clients with outstanding investment experiences ever since. Having been within the real estate industry for a significant period of time, Sam is cognisant of the finer details of the investment journey. This knowledge helps him guide both seasoned and new investors through the various stages of property acquisition.


Joe barker

Senior Investment Strategist

Since 2016, Joe has been a driving force behind the success of GREENROCK®️ Advisory. Prior to his current role as Senior Investment Strategist, Joe was instrumental in helping GREENROCK®️ become a multi-state company. Joe served as GREENROCK®️’s General Manager whilst the Sydney office was being established. He is an outstanding information source within our Company who can discuss all things finance, mortgage broking, and real estate. It is his diverse knowledge that allows him to make intelligent strategic decisions.



Head of Acquisitions and Research

Being a part of GREENROCK®️ Advisory since day one, Will has become a driving force behind GREENROCK®️s culture and amassed an exceptional amount of practical real estate knowledge. Prior to joining GREENROCK®️, Will completed a Bachelor of Environment (Landscape Architecture). Will has a passion for this field and does not rule out obtaining a master’s degree to complement his prior studies.



Client Services Manager

Steph brought her skillset to GREENROCK®️ Advisory back in 2020. Her corporate and real estate experience acquired prior to joining GREENROCK®️ placed her perfectly for becoming an asset since her first day on the job. She supplements her field knowledge with educational achievements attained in the fields of business and the arts.



Chief Information Officer

For our team to remain at the forefront of a changing digital landscape, we follow the lead of Ben. Ben’s career has had many facets to it, digital marketing, sales, and leadership are his focus points as he continues to help GREENROCK®️ Advisory innovate. Despite collecting numerous qualifications over the years, such as a Bachelor of Business and a Digital Multimedia and Design Diploma, Ben remains hungry for knowledge.



Head of Property Strategy

Michael merges sales, leadership, and financial services acumen to flourish in his role as Head of Property Strategy. With over 20 years of experience in leadership roles, including lending, insurance, and investment Michael has been a great force in shaping GREENROCK®️ Advisory’s future. Michael’s notable experience is reinforced through educational achievements in the fields of business, insurance, and leadership.



Economics & Strategy

Choosing the best direction forward for our clients and the growth of GREENROCK®️ Advisory relies upon considered analysis. Azie assists the team in making sense of complex market data and challenging business scenarios by offering distilled strategic insights. Being well-versed in the financial services landscape and holding various accreditations provide Azie with an ideal background to excel in his multi-faceted role.



Client Executive Assistant

Chloe has become a much-appreciated addition to our team since joining in 2020. While being with GREENROCK®️ Advisory she has made the most of absorbing the wealth of experience that our team possesses and has quickly grown into an all-round asset. Chloe started with GREENROCK®️ as a Sales Executive, then progressed to Finance Administration Coordinator and is now furthering herself as a Client Executive Assistant. Her team-player attitude fits perfectly with our culture.



Chief Financial Officer

Zorayas has had a big impact in a short period of time working with GREENROCK®️ Advisory. The skills gained from holding multiple leadership roles at other organisations in the past, such as Managing Director and Finance Manager shine through as he guides GREENROCK®️ forward. Zorayas has a highly educated background with formal qualifications in differing fields, including finance, IT, and real estate.



With GREENROCK®️ Advisory's close partner firms, you can work towards developing a strong foundation for growth and future stability



“4.9 - 75 Google reviews

GREENROCK®️ have been very easy to work with. The GREENROCK®️ experience was end to end from initial discussions about investment and financial goals to the current position. GREENROCK®️ has the necessary specialists with the team to look at all aspects (SMSF, loan applications, property options etc)which made it easy to engage and progress.

Support and communications from the team once a plan was established has been great with help and coordination available throughout the process looking after all the moving parts.

We have been very pleased with GREENROCK®️ and would suggest if you are looking for financial, property and investment advice and support, include  in your discussions.

Michael Smith

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

Our first contact with GREENROCK®️occurred with Michael Mancuso, the founder of the company. He could give a knowledgeable answer to every one of our questions and he never forced or pressured us into doing anything. Once we committed to our investment, we were handed over to Steph Jaksch. She was the go to person of GREENROCK®️ from then on. She managed everything for us; contracts, dealing with the builders and authorities, etc. Her service was complete, everything that she could do for us she did. We only really had to provide relevant information and sign where required - that’s it. Thank you so much Steph for your amazing work. If you want to invest in property do yourself a big favour and go with GREENROCK®️.

Joel Minder

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

Our journey to secure an investment property was made possible by the professional advice and guidance provided by GREENROCK®️ Advisory. We have peace of mind that Very thorough and knowledgeable. GREENROCK®️ will guide you through the whole process, providing you with professional expertise, as well as liaising or connecting you with all other relevant professionals that may be required before, during and after the build, including - but not limited to -brokerage, conveyancing, building and engineering, property management, and accounting. It’s worth mentioning that all of these linked professional services are included in the settlement pack price with GREENROCK®️ and there are no unexpected costs or surprises. This includes 3 months free property management at the conclusion of the project, as well as accountancy of your first tax return.

You’ll meet with the directors Michael and Sam who will give you a thorough understanding of the process and what you can gain from such an investment. Will Hayes provided some great property suggestions with excellent investment potential. Chloe Steel in admin was always available to make arrangements in a timely manner. My project manager throughout the process was Steph Jaksch, who connected all the dots during the build phase. Steph has taken all the hard work out of the process, communicating with all relevant parties on my behalf, when and where it is required, simplifying the project and really giving you peace of mind over your investment. ur investments are looked after by a highly professional and knowledgeable team. We are extremely happy and impressed with their five star service. They go above and beyond our expectations and I strongly recommend GREENROCK®️. We wish GREENROCK®️ all the best and may God bless the GREENROCK®️ team who makes people's dream a reality.

Tim McIntyre

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

Michael, Steph and the rest of the team at GREENROCK®️ Advisory are absolutely amazing. They guided us step by step in finding and securing our first investment property. We knew very little about the ins and outs of buying an investment property, GREENROCK®️ explained everything to us and always gave us different options and complete control over the decisions. We will definitely be using them in the future.

Thank you to everyone at GREENROCK®️ Advisory.

Craig Smith

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

Our journey to secure an investment property was made possible by the professional advice and guidance provided by GREENROCK®️ Advisory. We have peace of mind that our investments are looked after by a highly professional and knowledgeable team. We are extremely happy and impressed with their five star service. They go above and beyond our expectations and I strongly recommend GREENROCK®️. We wish GREENROCK®️ all the best and may God bless the GREENROCK®️ team who makes people's dream a reality.


GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

My husband and I are in our 50’s, while not totally financially illiterate, we lacked the confidence to make positive financial decisions. GREENROCK®️ Advisory have a dynamic team that will guide you through with a positive and helpful manner, each with their own field of expertise. Steph Jaksch has been our service officer and has guided us through the process with exceptional professionalism and patience. Totally recommend GREENROCK®️.

Lisa Murphy

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

GREENROCK®️ made the process smooth and effective. There were some significant challenges outside of GREENROCK®️'s control that arose throughout. Michael & Steph were super responsive & had these hiccups resolved to my benefit in a few days. Alex was very informative on the finance side & explained everything so that it was easy to understand. Michael's recommendations for property purchases have proved to be spot on with growth in the investment happening before the construction was even completed. Steph has worked hard & done a great job at ensuring that I have received the best outcomes. Highly recommend GREENROCK®️.

Stuart Nicol

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

The team at GREENROCK®️ Advisory have continued working with us towards our future goals, in a smooth and professional manner. Working closely with Steph in the past 12 months, she has been extremely supportive, helpful and has gone above and beyond to make sure all the information we needed was there to help make the right decisions throughout our property purchases. I have also worked closely with Michael, and he too has assisted us greatly towards our financial future and cares about our family and our future goals as though we are a part of his. Which is how GREENROCK®️ Advisory have become, like family. I would highly recommend Steph and Michael in assisting anyone towards their financial future.

Scott mccafferty

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

GREENROCK®️ have been absolutely fantastic to deal with. They sourced a great block for us and have been extremely supportive throughout the whole process. Steph Jaksch in particular has been brilliant. She is our main contact and has gone above and beyond to help us through all the steps of purchasing our block and getting the build started.

Stephen Giles

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

I have had an initial meeting with GREENROCK®️ regarding my short and long term financial goals. I feel a lot more confident about investing in my future self. No matter what stage you are in life, I recommend visiting a financial consultant to discuss how to build wealth. Thanks Michael for your time and can't wait to chat again.

Cathy Burbridge

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

The financial and property investment wisdom my wife and Icontinue to receive from Michael Mancuso and Stephanie (Steph) Jaksch has been outstanding.

Michael and Steph are highly professional and are also very passionate about assisting us to fulfill our financial dreams.

I truly recommend them to assist you as well.

Ken Wassell

GREENROCK®️ Advisory Client

GREENROCK™ have been brilliant with helping with investing in property. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable in there field.
Steph Jaksch has been looking after our interests and is really great in keeping us up to date and ensuring things keep moving.
I strongly recommend GREENROCK™ to anyone who wants us planning to invest in property and looking for the best experience and outcome.

Vimal Patel

GREENROCK™ Advisory Client

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