At GREENROCK®️ Advisory, we want all aspects of your property investment experience to be exceptional. We must incorporate the right partners to assist with nuanced areas to achieve this. Regarding the detailed world of real estate finance, this team is Ridgemont Partners.

Our relationship with Ridgemont Partners is reinforced through sharing the same dedication to upholding a high standard of service. Ridgemont Partners tailors its services to clients and offers insights only seasoned professionals can provide. Additionally, it has a broad spectrum of clients, so its ability to handle all scenarios is well-tested.

Ridgemont Partners are who we trust with our clients when it comes to obtaining new loans, refinancing, or facing any other bespoke real estate finance scenario.


Many families today struggle with financial insecurity, making it difficult to save for important things like retirement. buying a car. or going on vacation. On top of that. it's challenging to keep up with hills, afford food, and pay for healthcare.

JaInik ShAH

Member of CPA Australia and Registered BAS agent.

Authorised consultant under iTax Accounting and Business Services


With GREENROCK®️ Advisory's close partner firms, you can work towards developing a strong foundation for growth and future stability


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